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Absolute Pilates, Thailand’s first and best Pilates Reformer studios is the first in Asia and Thailand to offer Dynamic Group Pilates Reformer Classes, making Pilates more accessible to everyone. Dynamic Group Pilates Reformer Classes targets, tones & strengthen the body without putting on the extra bulk for a toned, long, lean body.

Classes center around the Pilates Reformer, an Intelligent Machine that works like a weight trainer using springs as a form of resistance and a movable platform to focus on engaging the core. Compared to traditional Mat Pilates, the versatile Pilates Reformer machine makes it easier to target and activate your core making your workout more effective, producing visible results sooner. With a selection of uniquely programmed exercises, the Dynamic Group Pilates Reformer Classes are as effective as 1-on-1 classes but a lot more affordable.

Choose from a series of exclusive and uniquely designed programs to target specific areas (Abs & arms, Butt & Thighs etc) in a supportive, dynamic, fun yet challenging environment conducted by highly skilled and fully certified instructors. We also offer comprehensive foundation classes to ensure you learn the basic principles of pilates and to maximise your workout so you feel and see a difference within weeks!

At ABSOLUTE PILATES we are not only committed to bringing the most effective range of classes to meet the varying needs of students, but also strive to provide you with the best pilates experience with the convenience of several classes per day in 7 different studios, with capacities of up to 25 pilates reformer machines.

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